Social Enterprise

social-enterpriseBusinesses as Social Enterprise

Nowadays many companies and businesses are becoming socially aware and trying to help them by running various programs in their companies such as corporate social responsibility program etc. However these businesses are operated on profits basis and decide to spend some amount on the social welfare. The main difference between the old business and the new age businessmen is that the new businessmen want to operate businesses not only for profit but also for social welfare and growth. These business can be called in Social Enterprise in real sense of the word. It means that earning profit for the shareholders is not the only goal of these businesses.

A social enterprise is that business which runs on principles of social responsibility. It can be a non-profit organization or the new age businesses which have two goals, one goal is to make the business profitable and the second goal is to achieve social growth or creating awareness about the social responsibility. Many new businessmen are of this ideology that making only your business profitable and successful is not enough, you have to make sure that the society around you is also progressing along with you. Most importantly, your business must play a major role in this social progress and growth.

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