Small Medium Enterprises

small medium enterprisesImpact of Small medium Enterprises on the Society

You will be surprised to know that the small medium Enterprises all over the world are the largest source of employment rather than the largest companies or businesses. As of 2012, almost 99% employer businesses in Canada were small and medium businesses. The ratio may differ in other countries, but the fact remains that small businesses have alarge amount of power to have appositive impact on the society and environment around them. The new businessmen who are starting their small businesses, are aware of this fact and are trying to make a positive impact on the society through various ideas.

Small medium enterprises means companies or businesses where the number of employees are below a certain limit decided by that particular country.Although the number of employees is small, these business are generally supported by the society due to close knit community ties. These businesses have a better rapport with the society around them if we compare them to multinational companies. Due to this rapport, these small businesses may succeed in having greater impact on the society and therefore it should be their aim to help the society grow with their business. This will not only benefit the business in increased profits, but society over all will also get benefits like higher employment rates and better working conditions etc.

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