Growing Business

growing businessMeasure your Business Growth in Terms of Growth of Society around You

When a new business is opened, everyone associated with wants it to grow as fast as possible so that they can call it a successful business. However, how can one measure the growth rate of a business? Generally if the sales of the products are increased and profit is increased due to extra revenue or due to cost cutting measures we say that it is a growing business. What if these scales of measuring the growth of a business are changed? Rather than only using profit as the scale, can the social and environmental responsibility can be added as measuring scales?

It is important that the owner of a growing business understands that only earning highest profit does not make it the most successful business, but there are other criteria too which need to be fulfilled. If the importance of 3Ps that is Profit, people and planet is understood by that businessman, then his business will surely grow beyond the expectations. It is necessary to understand and implement the sense of duty towards the people working with you and the environment around your business. This is the only way in which a business can succeed in true sense of the word.

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