Creating Jobs

social-enterprise (1)Support the Local Community by Creating a Job Market for Locals

It is one of the purpose of the new socially conscious business that it should create jobs and opportunities of work for the community in which they are operating. When a businessman starts a new business, it can have positive as well as negative impact on the society and environment. If the business has a negative impact, then possibility of the business succeeding remains low as it will not get support and co-operation from the social environment.Creating jobs for the local community is a positive impact which can be brought by the business.

The new businesses have a new approach towards success and for them the success means an all-round success where the shareholders are happy due to increased profits, society is happy due to social responsibility policies of the company and there are no negative effects or damage done to the environment. Social responsibility policy of the companies does not mean helping some charities but it means making efforts for sustain the community through the process of creating jobs for the local people. This will result in the growth of the community with the business and will create a better relationship between the business and the community which is beneficial to both of them.

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