Business Transition

business_ transitionStart Business transition from Profit Oriented to Purpose Oriented

It is the need of the hour that the businesses need to change their goal from profit to something else. The old practices of business need to be changed so that new practices can be brought about. It is necessary to understand why the business need to change their aim or goal. Earlier when the profit was the only criterion on which success of a business was measured, businessmen ignored the impact of their businesses on the society and the environment around them. It is necessary to have a business transition so that people understand the importance of these values for a business to be successful.

When there is a business transition where the purpose of the business is to achieve social growth as well as earn profits, then only there will be a better world for the future generation. The businesses need to understand their impact on the communities so that they can create better working environment for their employees and bring positive changes in the communities. Only small business can bring about this change as the large companies or business lack the rapport with the local community and the nonprofit organizations don’t have enough resources to bring change on such a large scale.

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